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★ HOTT like whoa? ★

★ HOTT like whoa ★
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All Members , Moderated

When you are accepted...
on every application you MUST vote, YES or NO in the Subject line. Then if you'de like, explain your reasoning.

After being accepted you must post a 200X200 of yourself for the Accepted Members Webpage.

When you are accepted..you MUST put the Accepted Stamp in your LJ info..and promote frequently.
if one of the mods see that you don't have the stamp in your info, you will be banned.

You can promote HOTT like whoa by using our HOTT like whoa banners.. put these in your LJ, your friends LJ's, other communities you've joined, your website (if you have one) or your LJ info page.

Follow all the Rules of the community. Every week there is going to be a different activity. (see below)
EVERY accepted member must participate in the activity or you will be banned.

After being accepted.. EVERY post you make MUST have </b>"STAMPED - Legal Dub" in the Subject Line.

Screen name:
5 top bands/artists:
5 top movies:
Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?
A famous person you idolize:
A famous person you'de like to see die:

what are your views on...
the legalization of marijuana:
our goverment:
gay marriages:
self mutilation:
teen suicide:

(show pictures if avaiable)
hair color:
eye color:
best/favorite feature:

How did you hear about this community?
My pictures:
at least THREE pictures...
a maximum of EIGHT.


Theme Week = The MODS will make a post with the theme for that week.. and you must post pictures containing the contents that are needed for the theme.
(ex. Theme: Crazy Make-up = You then post pictures of you wearing crazy make-up, or old pics of you wearing ugly make-up)

Bad Fish Week = The MODS will post an entry that says "BAD FISH WEEK"
EVERY accepted member MUST post Anonymously TWO members they would like to see banned.
At the end of the week.. all the votes will be counted up and whoever has the most votes will be banned from the community.
(you may only vote ONCE.. your IP adresses ARE logged.. and if you vote more than once.. you WILL be banned.)

Super-Star Punani Week = The MODS will post two pictures of two different celebrities..
EVERY accepted member MUST vote which one they think is hotter.
at the end of the week.. the votes will be tallied up and the winner will be posted.

Trench-Town Rocker Week = The MODS will post two pictures of two different bands or groups..
EVERY accepted member MUST vote which they think is hotter.
at the end of the week.. the votes will be tallied up and the winner will be posted.

Steppin Razor Week = When the MODS post "STEPPIN RAZOR WEEK" every accepted member must get as many people as possible to join/apply for the community..
the member who gets the most will be posted.
the member who gets the least will be banned.
and yes...all the names to all the activites are names of Sublime songs. and if you dont like it too fucking bad<3

Candy aim: CaNdY BLiZzY 420
Hail aim: PnkGrlRockNOut
Nikki aim: CHINOisAsexGAWD

and just as important as the mods...


mud·sling·er n. : One who makes malicious critiques
and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent.

Kelly is the most critical member we have at hott_likewhoa.
Her standards are high, and if she doesn't like you, she'll tell you.
If you talk shit to her, your fucking banned.
If you receive just a NO from her, consider yourself lucky.
If you receive a YES from her, it is counted as TWO votes.
Ya. good luck with that one.

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