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89 vision

Name: Ashley Marie
Age: 17
Location: Arizona
Screen name: aol... ashes9721
5 top bands/artists:
* Linkin park
*Do or Die
5 top movies:
*How to lose a guy in 10 days
*The Notebook
*The Patriot
*Cold Mountian
*paid in full
Sexuality: straight
Do you drink/smoke/do drugs? Drink occasionally
A famous person you idolize: I honestly dont really idolize anyone famous... Jessica Simpson. i love her... hahaha
A famous person you'de like to see die: I'd honestly wouldnt wish death on anyone...

what are your views on...
the legalization of marijuana: Kick ass Now I wont be so paranoid... hahah
abortion: I used to think it was horible but I did some research on it and I think sometimes it may be neccisary
our goverment: Sorry but I fuckin love dubya... I just do.
war: Sometimes it is neccisary and we are just helping out our allies just in case another pearl harbor happens they have our back too.
gay marriages: I dont believe in it at all. but if thats what floats your boat then cool.
terrorism: its for fuckin pussies
self mutilation: I cant even imagine cutting my self. I guess its just because I find other ways to take out my anger. But if you do self mutilate yourself you should definitly seek help.
teen suicide: Thats is the saddest thing in the world and I hate it.
racism: i think racism is still going on till this day. I mean it all depends on the person. I honestly am not racist most def.

Peircings: just ears, my belly button in the winter...
Tattoos: when i turn 18 hellllls yeah
hair color: blonde with dark underneath
eye color: brown
best/favorite feature: I love my back and my shoulders
How did you hear about this community? In one of my friends journals

My pictures:



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I don't like most of your answers and you're not that pretty...Soooorry! Move along. ;o)
shit music
Linkin Park? Stained? Wow.
You're really not hot. Stop thinking you are.
Looks kind of like you have some sort of eating disorder in that fifth picture.
Anyway, your music sucks. I also like Dubya, but I'm afraid you're not too hot.
It was a yes until I saw your answer on gay marriages.

You sound to me like a closed-minded piece of shit.

Do die now.

Kay thanks.
Eh, I'm not stamped (nor do I have an desire to be) and I know I'll get banned for pointing out blatant hypocrisy, but:

Your "insults" are incredibly overrated, and I find it amazing that all the other mods could value them so highly. "Do die now" is something I'd expect to hear from a dyslexic kindergartener who just fucking woke up from his afternoon nap.

And really, what the fuck ever happened to that little thing called validity? Do you think you're in any position to call anyone "close-minded" after that bit about the Jews? Close-mindedness is being unable to accept different views, including those which may be against gay marriages. She never even said she had a problem with gays, as expressed in her application:

"...but if thats what floats your boat then cool."

Do you see that part of it now, or should I make it bigger? I can make the text bounce up and down in hot pink letters if need be.
hmm no.
you look like a bulimic bro.
No, im sorry...I just didn't like your pix much.
Eat a cheeseburger. Or two. Or three.
You're fuckin stupid (dubya sux ass...and the gay marriage answer --?!?!)...and not too pretty and pretty scrawny a boy who hasn't gone through puberty yea...guess what my answer is:

Can I vote yet?? :)
Fantastic pop shot from my tool on this erotic photos you have provided me, I like you.