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Kelly is the most critical member we have at hott_likewhoa. Her standards are high, and if she doesn't like you, she'll tell you. If you talk shit to her, your fucking banned. If you receive just a <b>NO</b> from her, consider yourself lucky. If you receive a <b>YES</b> from her, it is counted as TWO votes. Ya. good luck with that one.<BR> So.. you think your <b>hott like whoa</b>? Fill out the application, post your pics, and find out. What have you got to lose? <br> <P> <div class="header" align="center"><img src=http://www.distorted-doll.net/images/p1nkblinkstar.gif>Rules<img src=http://www.distorted-doll.net/images/p1nkblinkstar.gif></div> <P> <b>1.)</b>Remember this is a rating community... if you can't handle criticism then don't bother applying.<BR> <b>2.)</b>ALL first posts MUST be behind a LJ-cut... if you don't know how to use one, look in FAQ<BR> <b>3.)</b>First posts MUST say <b>"89 vision"</b> in the subject title.. if it is not there, you get an automatic-no<BR> <b>4.)</b>You must fill out the survey completely.. and please <b>bold</b> or <i>italicise</i> your answers so we can read it easier.<BR> <b>5.)</b>You MUST post AT LEAST three clear pictures of you. (maximum of eight)<BR> <b>6.)</b>There is NO shit talking to Accepted members. and ABSOLUTELY no shit talking to moderators. if you do so..you will be banned. if you are a member..you will be warned. if you do it again..your banned.<BR> <b>7.)</b>ALL posts containing pictures MUST be behind a LJ-cut.. or it will be deleted. If accepted you MUST advertise hott_likewhoa in your LJ and/or other communities. And you can do so by using one of these HOTT like whoa <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/comm_promoter/2095.html">promotion banners</a>.<BR> <p> <!-------DO NOT EDIT OUT THIS CREDIT LINK, OR THESE COMMENTS!---------> </TD> <TD width="100%" ALIGN="left" valign="bottom"> <DIV style="BORDER: 2px dotted #FF00FF; overflow: auto; padding: 1px; position: justify; left: 0; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 300; BACKGROUND: white; filter:Alpha(opacity:65);" align="center">
August 3, 2005 • 4:08 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [xorion]

add that


January 28, 2005 • 11:39 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [majikninjette]
Subject: Stamped/Leaving.
mood: bored

I didn`t want to do this, but this community is pretty dead. I`m leaving. It was fun. If you want to keep in touch go ahead and add me. Thanks for all your time. <33


September 1, 2004 • 8:36 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [_x13]
Subject: 89 visison
mood: thoughtful

i don't need to make the choiceCollapse )


September 11, 2004 • 11:17 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [oxygenated]
Subject: IT'S BACK


2 ·♥·hott·♥·

August 10, 2004 • 1:54 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [electroshockme]

join feelingg00d!!


August 10, 2004 • 4:19 am
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [lauradaura]
Subject: stamped
mood: bored

i haven't posted anything in a long while so heres some updated pictures...

ch-check it outCollapse )

peeeeaceeeeeee xo

3 ·♥·hott·♥·

July 27, 2004 • 8:07 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [last_laugh]
Subject: mood: horny

 I was bored so I decided to post some perdy pics...feel free to comment ;-)...haha...


Lookin good ;-)...Collapse )


on another note...I want sex...badly :-(


July 26, 2004 • 3:24 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [lipstcknbullets]
Subject: It was nice knowing you!

But I'm leaving the community.



July 26, 2004 • 4:18 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [last_laugh]
Subject: JOIN!!!!

title or description

1 ·♥·hott·♥·

July 19, 2004 • 1:46 am
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [_dannerellie_]
Subject: stamped

hey everyone i just wanted to let you know that i got a new journal. i dont know if i have to re-apply or anything- but im gonna add this community to my new journal and hopefully everything will be cool.

new journal = <"lj-user=bittersweet_x0">

not text only- went from blonde to brunette=Collapse )
XoXo danni


July 4, 2004 • 1:36 am
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [musicbymyside]

<lj user=_bombshells_ please help my community grow

2 ·♥·hott·♥·

July 3, 2004 • 2:40 am
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [reason_enough]
Subject: 89 vision
mood: curious

Hott like a hellllls yeahCollapse )

13 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 30, 2004 • 4:29 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [_dannerellie_]
Subject: \\stamped//



June 18, 2004 • 4:59 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [virginplay17sn]
Subject: leaving / and farewell...
mood: content

I'm sorry but I have to cancel my memberships to some of these rating communties .. I'm only sticking with the ones that are truely "hot" and ACTIVE. But don't take offence since my decision to leave is nothing personal. Have a fun life everyone and stay {cute/hot/e.t.c). This just isn't for me anymore! -- Jordan.


Please remove me from this community! Thanks / It's appreciated.

2 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 18, 2004 • 2:20 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [virginplay17sn]
Subject: mood: annoyed

It's been a longgggggggggg time since I've applied here and I definatly have more (yes's) then (no's). I don't usually (actually I've never) made a new post about things like thing since I just take it straight to the MODS. However it's getting pretty tedious and everything. So I feel I must bring it to EVERYONES attention that there are tons of people that have applied and are still not stamped yet. ~i dunno~ but I'm seriously going to leave if I'm not stamped soon since I'm a part of other "very active" communities. Thanks.

4 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 14, 2004 • 4:50 am
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [majikninjette]
Subject: STAMPED - Legal Dub
mood: bored

2 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 10, 2004 • 5:42 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [bestintentions6]
Subject: 89 vision


Read more...Collapse )

17 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 10, 2004 • 2:34 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [concealed_smile]

Listen, the people at the other community are bitches... i helped them out then got bitched over...if you joined, i dunno...do something to piss em off, if you havent joined, start joining and be rude and shit....PLEASE.


June 8, 2004 • 2:26 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [last_laugh]
Subject: Stamped: Legal Dub!!!!!!
mood: horny

Fuck me...Collapse )

10 ·♥·hott·♥·

June 7, 2004 • 4:31 pm
Posted by: hott_likewhoa [polostud93]
Subject: 89 vision

  • Name: Danny
  • Age:15
  • Location: Moorpark, Ca
  • Screen names: Populationtire93
  • Top five bands:
  1. Thrice
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Poison the well
  4. Atreyu
  5. Thursday
  • Top 5 movies
  1. Zoolander
  2. Happy Gilmore
  3. Bruce Almighty
  4. 6th Sense
  5. Ghost
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?: occasionally drink
  • A famous person you idolize: Brad Pitt
  • A famous person you'de like to see die: Hillary Duff

What are your views on:

  • Legilazation of marijuana: I dont do it but I would like to see it happen
  • Abortion: Pro choice
  • Our government: If Goerge W. Bush is running it, it should explode itself. But it is a necessary evil
  • Wars- Depends on the issue. W shouldnt have gone to Iraq. I only think we should have gotten Sadam but that is it.
  • Gay Marriages: I dont see how it is anyone elsses bussiness. I feel that if they love eachother they should be able to get married. And besides it is a free country and not allowing gay marriages, hmm.... doesnt seem very free to me
  • Terrorism: I think it is gay. I hate terrorists and I feel they should all die!
  • Self Mutilation: Huge problem! My friend does it and I tell her to stop and she doesnt stop. It scares me everytime she does it. I think that they need someone by there side to help them through it.
  • Teen Suicide: I am sorry for the people they left behind and I think it is very sad.
  • Racism: I get a lot of racism at school just because I am jewish! I hate it and it needs to stop. It doesnt feel good and I got in a fight about it.


My tattoo and my muscular back!!lol





Me messin around with my camera.




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