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89 vision

Name: Ashley Marie
Age: 17
Location: Arizona
Screen name: aol... ashes9721
5 top bands/artists:
* Linkin park
*Do or Die
5 top movies:
*How to lose a guy in 10 days
*The Notebook
*The Patriot
*Cold Mountian
*paid in full
Sexuality: straight
Do you drink/smoke/do drugs? Drink occasionally
A famous person you idolize: I honestly dont really idolize anyone famous... Jessica Simpson. i love her... hahaha
A famous person you'de like to see die: I'd honestly wouldnt wish death on anyone...

what are your views on...
the legalization of marijuana: Kick ass Now I wont be so paranoid... hahah
abortion: I used to think it was horible but I did some research on it and I think sometimes it may be neccisary
our goverment: Sorry but I fuckin love dubya... I just do.
war: Sometimes it is neccisary and we are just helping out our allies just in case another pearl harbor happens they have our back too.
gay marriages: I dont believe in it at all. but if thats what floats your boat then cool.
terrorism: its for fuckin pussies
self mutilation: I cant even imagine cutting my self. I guess its just because I find other ways to take out my anger. But if you do self mutilate yourself you should definitly seek help.
teen suicide: Thats is the saddest thing in the world and I hate it.
racism: i think racism is still going on till this day. I mean it all depends on the person. I honestly am not racist most def.

Peircings: just ears, my belly button in the winter...
Tattoos: when i turn 18 hellllls yeah
hair color: blonde with dark underneath
eye color: brown
best/favorite feature: I love my back and my shoulders
How did you hear about this community? In one of my friends journals

My pictures:



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