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Name: Heather
Age: 18
Location: Long Beach, NY
Screen name: bestintentions6
5 top bands/artists:
* The Grateful Dead
* Sublime
* Portishead
* Dave Matthews Band
* Belle and Sebastian

5 top movies:
* Kids
* American Beauty
* Goodfellas
* Dead Poets Society
* Party Monster

Sexuality: straight
Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?
I've tried drugs in the past I don't really do drugs anymore. I will smoke pot on occasion. I drink sometimes but i'm not a big drinker. I smoke cigarettes like its my job and i really need to stop. I plan on quitting before the end of the summer.

A famous person you idolize: Bradley James Nowell, Sylvia Plath
A famous person you'de like to see die: Dru Hill

what are your views on...
the legalization of marijuana:
Legalize it...don't criticize it

abortion:something i personally wouldnt do..i'm not one to judge. If i were in that situation at my age I'm not really sure what i would do. I'm against it but i don't think it should be illegal because people will do it anyway and the means will be unsafe and illegal.

our goverment:Its obviously necessary but more often than not, power is abused.

war:War is a bunch of young men dying and a bunch of old men talking...its not necessary except in extreme cases, for example, World War II.

gay marriages: Love knows no gender

terrorism: Horrible, I live in New York and i go to school in Manhattan. 9/11 was such a devastating experience for this country. I go to school uptown and i remember walking downtown to meet my sister and if you looked towards the direction of the towers all you saw was smoke. For that day NYC was silent, it was the strangest thing...everyone was just walking and not saying anything, and every time a plane would fly past everyone would just look up in horror wondering what was going to happen next.

self mutilation:I'm going to be honest, i never understood how cutting yourself relieved emotional pain, then again, i really don't have much experience with this topic. I had a friend my freshman year of highschool who cut herself, and i didn't really understand it. The best thing to do is be there for people who do this and try to help/understand them.

teen suicide:I have a friend whos boyfriend commited suicide...and ive seen what it does to people...i've stopped friends from killing themselves. Its horrible. Although I really don't like when people say that its selfish, I don't think you know until you are in that situation. Someone who is so emotionally unstable is not really thinking about those around them or how they affect others, they feel worthless. When someone feels that way i'm sure it must be hard for them to see how their life affects so many people.

racism: Absolutely disgusting

Peircings: just my ears...i used to have my tongue and my belly-button but i took them out about 2 years ago
Tattoos: none yet, i want to get the black and white flower thats on the sublime self titled cd, either that or the badfish tat on my back
hair color: brown with blonde highlights
eye color: brown
best/favorite feature: my eyes, my hips
How did you hear about this community? eternal beauty

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