Danny (polostud93) wrote in hott_likewhoa,

  • Music:

89 vision

  • Name: Danny
  • Age:15
  • Location: Moorpark, Ca
  • Screen names: Populationtire93
  • Top five bands:
  1. Thrice
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Poison the well
  4. Atreyu
  5. Thursday
  • Top 5 movies
  1. Zoolander
  2. Happy Gilmore
  3. Bruce Almighty
  4. 6th Sense
  5. Ghost
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?: occasionally drink
  • A famous person you idolize: Brad Pitt
  • A famous person you'de like to see die: Hillary Duff

What are your views on:

  • Legilazation of marijuana: I dont do it but I would like to see it happen
  • Abortion: Pro choice
  • Our government: If Goerge W. Bush is running it, it should explode itself. But it is a necessary evil
  • Wars- Depends on the issue. W shouldnt have gone to Iraq. I only think we should have gotten Sadam but that is it.
  • Gay Marriages: I dont see how it is anyone elsses bussiness. I feel that if they love eachother they should be able to get married. And besides it is a free country and not allowing gay marriages, hmm.... doesnt seem very free to me
  • Terrorism: I think it is gay. I hate terrorists and I feel they should all die!
  • Self Mutilation: Huge problem! My friend does it and I tell her to stop and she doesnt stop. It scares me everytime she does it. I think that they need someone by there side to help them through it.
  • Teen Suicide: I am sorry for the people they left behind and I think it is very sad.
  • Racism: I get a lot of racism at school just because I am jewish! I hate it and it needs to stop. It doesnt feel good and I got in a fight about it.


My tattoo and my muscular back!!lol





Me messin around with my camera.




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